Our Residential Plumbing Services

At Maroon Plumbing, we offer residential plumbing services that encompass everything from new construction plumbing and fixture installation to remodeling and repairing existing plumbing systems and components. Our professional, licensed, and insured residential plumbers provide homeowners with efficient and smart solutions to meet all their plumbing needs. Our reliable plumbing business has earned a positive reputation in the community, and we strive to uphold our good name with every job we do. Some of our most common requests for residential services are below.

residential plumbing

Fixture Installation and Repair

Our residential plumbers are experienced in the installation and repair of everyday essential fixtures like sinks, faucets, toilets, and shower heads. If you are experiencing a problem with any of the plumbing fixtures in your home, they may need repair or replacement altogether. Furthermore, if you are remodeling any part of your home that includes plumbing fixtures, we can install new fixtures or retrofit existing systems to move your project forward and see it through to completion.

Garbage Disposal Services

We can install, repair, and maintain garbage disposals. Our knowledgeable plumbers can also offer advice on choosing the right garbage disposal model for your needs if it’s time to replace your garbage disposal system, as well as provide tips for maintaining your system.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Our professional team of knowledgeable and well-trained plumbers is available 24/7 for emergency repairs like broken pipes, overflowing toilets, and broken water heaters. Emergencies do not occur during regular operating business hours, and we understand this. Thus, Maroon Plumbing is dedicated to meeting the problem head-on in a timely manner no matter what time it is.

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can make a difference in your day. If you have a clogged drain that is giving you trouble, our plumbers are experienced in this type of plumbing problem. We unclog drains using various methods like snaking and rooter services. When necessary, we can also determine the root cause of the clog that may lead to a bigger problem in your plumbing system. If we do find a need for larger-scale repair, we will work quickly to get your plumbing system running at peak level.

Leak Repair

There is arguably nothing more foreboding than water coming into your home, especially if it’s a large amount of water. Our experienced technicians repair leaks in pipes, faucets, and toilets, working swiftly to repair the leak before any further damage is done to your home.

Water Heater Services

Maroon Plumbing offers water heater repair and new system installation for both traditional tank-style water heaters and tankless water heaters. We also provide water heater maintenance to ensure your water heater is functioning at an optimal level. Regularly scheduled maintenance of your water heater will save you money monthly on gas or electricity bills and prolong the life of your water heater to save you even more money in the long run.

If you have a gas water heater, with no hot water, check to see if pilot light is on. If it’s not, it can be relit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If the pilot light is on but there is still no hot water, call Maroon Plumbing. We can check the thermostat to make sure it’s set to the appropriate temperature and assess the necessary repair or replacement of the thermostat or unit.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If you are experiencing problems within your sewer line or suspect you may have an issue with it, we can assess, repair, and replace sewer lines using one of the various methods our plumbers are trained in. We will be able to choose the method that will work best for the specific conditions of your property. We offer traditional excavation repair to meet the particular needs of your home.

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